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Emanuel F. Camacho

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OMG - so much to do Apr. 18th, 2006 @ 03:56 pm
Hey folks, so many great events have passed down here in Miami. I have to say I love working and running things in the background like i used to as opposed to being in the public eye ^_^, less stress lol.

Anyway our event with Production I.G. was a success, We had a great deal of fans at the event. Ishikawa-sama, President of Production I.G. gave a great lecture Tuesday evening at the Morikami. Sekita-San told his famous valentines day story before the lecture on sunday night that had everyone laughing their pants off.

Avalon Manga shop did insanely well as the official Anime vendor of the event. Happy B-day dean! if you guys are still not familiar with the place, you got to check it out. he just put in some LAN PC's which yours truly will be helping set up ^_^.

the costume contest went real well, MC'd by none other than Tom Croom, judged by a great panel helped by Wasabi and our Locate favorite Natalie, in her cute Cosplay, oh ho ho.

We have Yasumi Planning under way. Teri made a decision on location, so I am now working on vendors and a few new VA guests for the event, as this year will be the first for Yasumi to have VA's...HOT!

Work has been pretty good - and I have some really great news!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM GOING TO BE A DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right, another evil lil me running around, oh my the thought. date set for roughly November 24 ^_^. I think its going to be a girl, Sabrina thinks its a boy, we will see what happens.

Another great note, I got an award from the Mayor of Miami, for my work with the Japanese consulate and the ties I have created with the City of Kagoshima ^_^ - Woot!!!!

its been a pretty productive year I must say.

I think its time to get the AFS site back online. and keep working on its gaming section, as I have become a hopeless World of Warcraft Addict. So Hopefully I will get the site up again in the next few weeks.

Sorry I havent posted in a while, I am really not the LJ type lol

Take care all - Loves, hugs, and kicks in the butt


Upcoming Events Nov. 3rd, 2005 @ 07:47 pm
Howdy folks,

Lots of news:

I am still an advisor to the Japanese Consulate in Miami and the Morikami Musuem as well as the Miami Children's Museum. There are lots of events being planned right now for those:

First is "Kogashima Days" This will be in Florida International University November 18-20
I will be working with them to setup some events and a Film Festival. I dont have all the details on what this event is fully yet - But I will by the end of the weekend.

Mitsutoshi Sekita is one of the adminstrators for the consulate general and wants to bring a Japanese Director to Miami for one of the events coming in March I wont say who because it will prematurely excite folks and be a downer if it doesnt happen that way.

If you have ever been to the Yasumicon Sushi Demo - the gentleman that presented that event is Mr. Sekita-San. He has lots of events I will be working on so keep an eye out for those.

www.animefurystudios.com will be coming up in the next few days when the ns1 and ns2 server's come online powered by noated.net and their wonderful server and hosting services.

Lots to do folks - keep it posted here and soon on AFS to know whats up in Miami and abroad.


^_^ Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 04:06 pm
I am removing the previous posts, as it does no one any good to continue to dregde up crap on the net. I have spoken with Mark a few times in the last few months and he is doing his best to rectify many of the remaining problems that existed, not because he was compelled by me, but because he was sincerely trying hard to deal with all of the issues at hand. I hope the Squillante Family recognizes that many of us were angry and upset by the status quo, we couldn't communicate with many of you, which gave way to some conjecture and frustration.

Kunicon is over with, life goes on ^_^.

Many of us, myself included are still working hard in the anime community here in South Florida and abroad to bring everyone more of that great video version of crack we love. If any of you still have pending issues that have yet to be resolved, please pop me an email - although I think Mark has taken care of most if not all of them.

I hope no one holds any grudges, against them, as I judged to quickly. I had my own mistakes for this event. it was a team effort, we all succeed, or we all fail. I dont think we failed, because we learn from our mistakes, So I take it as a growth experience.

Manny Camacho

Kunicon Website Aug. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:22 am

One of our esteemed has left for Vacation and did not leave me some critical info on our website. So the site is down T_T. But not to fear. As soon as he returns, we will get all that fixed.

On the bright side Kunicon will be returning to Miami December 16-18 in the newly renovated Fontainbleau Turnberry (Turnberry bought the hotel from Hilton recently and has completed some renovations).

I have asked the hotel to create an asian menu to add to concessions (8-10 bucks for Chicken fried rice, sweet and sour / Honey Garlic Chicken, Egg Drop / Wonton Soup. and a few other things. They will also be opening a buffet for us that will be at specific times. this will be $8 and below for buffet style eating.

Parking is still a big thing. We are trying to get the same lot we had last year (it was last minute) that had parking for $5 a night. I definitely recommend carpooling for parking.

Lets see so far we have 27 guests listed ^_^.

Vic Mignonga
Richard Cox
Scott Mcneil
Chris Patton
Greg Ayres
Richard and Ellyn Epcar
Robert and Emily Dejesus
Steve Bennett
Doug Smith
Jan Scott Frazier
The Robotech Convention Tour (Kevin Mckeever, Tommy Yun)
Mike Sinterniklaas
Mike McFarland
Jeff Nimoy
Cynthia Martinez
Tony Oliver
Larissa Wolcott
Michael "Piano Squall" Gluck
Select Start

That is a huge list!

I'll be seeing you guys on the forums soon! take care, and reply here for now if you like until the site is back up


Manny ^_^

Home, Sick Jul. 26th, 2005 @ 10:56 pm
Hi there folks,

I havent posted too much recently online, I have had a nasty cold for the last 6 days, and have been stuck in bed. I hate being sick it makes you weak, and useless...Sabrina is always great though, she has taken good care of me. I can be really crabby when I'm sick too. lol.

Well at least today I have felt a bit better, good enough to talk on the phone, my voice has been at 20% function since Saturday. >_<

But at least today I was working with a good hotel for Kunicon in December. This one hotel looks like its what I have been looking for this last month. Which is great, now I can focus on St. Louis once its finished.

Well, sorry If I don't see some of you online in the next few days, I will be getting lots of anitibiotics tomorrow ^_^
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Other entries
So sleepy,

I have so much work to get done, I have barely scratched the surface. I think I will start the guest list for St. Louis, and Atlanta tomorrow. Hotels are so much harder to finalize than one thinks, lots of phone calls, back and forth on trivial words on a piece of paper. for example, if the hotel contract reads:

Hotel will provide an alottment of rooms in and upto "insert number here" for event


Hotel will need "Insert number here" rooms nights satisfied on or before "insert date here"


Hotel will need "Insert number here" rooms satisfied on or before "insert date here"

each of the statements are open for discussion...the first one doesnt say how rooms I have to make sure get filled, it only means how many rooms the hotel will set aside for the block and needs to be clarified or they can bite you in the butt later because its vague.

the second, states a number of rooms that have to filled by the con to satisfy the hotel contract, but states it in room nights, and does not specify which night those rooms are to be used.

the third states hotel rooms, not nights, which is more common. When any of these little things pop up, a call has to be made, then a redraft of the section, than they resend it, you now have to re-read that puppy to make sure nothing was changed. and find mistakes and items like it all over again.


lots of work. I am looking over the one for the sheridan and its not pretty...lol

but I don't think we can do it there because of the dates. there is always a little luck that one event can be moved to accomodate - either way a few other hotels I am looking at might work out. The parking might be the one issue where other parking has to be grabbed to keep it cheaper.

but at least a little nutshell of the insanity that I have to go through along with my counterpart Mark can be seen in this one example.

AFS - the site that started it all for us, is getting nicely overhauled. I will probably code some pages in the next hour or so before I hit the sack.

I am really excited about a few things though ^_^.

Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist) is going to participate in a Fan Film we have worked on for quite some time, and just never got to the Blue Screen stage to film. I am going to have a few other of my buddies in the anime industry participate when they're down here for the convention.

We just announced some more people on the forum, we also announced a Naruto ADR Director, Jeff Nimoy - not even ANN has that info online. I am so excited - URASHI!

and the possibilty of opening up another LAN cafe might be just ahead, so that is cause for celebration.

my partners here in Miami at the cafe want to me to start licensing anime...I'm like whoa...that's a big step. and with so many big companies now, like ADV, Geneon, Bandai and so on, it will be hard. But we are looking at some horror genre titles from Hong Kong until we're comfortable with one we think we can handle.

But if all goes well in the interrim we might open the second cafe next door to Tate's Comics in Ft. Lauderdale - That would ROCK!

Morikami and Miami Childrens Museum are now ready to start planning next years Hatsume festival. Its a huge 10,000 person event in the musuem. So I get to lead a team for them to add Anime items to their cultural fair. So I am excited about that...Why did god make us with sleep in mind, so much to do, so little time.

» YasumiCon
I just finally got up from sleeping 14 hours from last nights work and fun at YasumiCon. I have to say although this year was only one day, I think it was the funnest one yet. There is an energy in this convention that is hard to find anywhere else, even in the larger cons and the events that are huge. Teri has taken the cake with her planning and her ability to put an event together.

There were a few issues, like any you could expect at a con. But I think for the most part it was no biggie, I worked as usual with Ops, Vendors, setup the AFS Video Room, and helped with problem solving. I guess it could be considered Biased since I have worked with the con since the beginning but it is pretty much my favorite event to work in. It is nice not being the head or the guy in charge and simply a soldier every now and then.

I got a chance to spend time with some people I normally dont get to much time to see and hang out with. Granted, this is easier to run than a three day event. But it is no simple task to run this one either. The same problems present themselves as in a larger event.

I would like to point out a few people that worked really hard, even though he was going crazy at one point. Juan and Mark - it is funny to see people who are always calm and collected freak out when equipment you trust decides to kick you in the bum. The three of us got together and fixed a few fires.

Teri as always has been a pretty solid leader, she always get her problems solved and usually with a smile. Last night I drove them crazy with stories from conventions past, and otaku mishaps.

Any issues that anyone encountered that Teri is aware of, I will let her comment on, as for me, my End of the con was pretty smooth and for the most part the other depts I witnessed were going smooth as well. I did feel bad for Cosplay, as they were swamped with eager contestants. But it looks like they were able to handle there situation.

I had a ton of fun, eventhough I hurt my shins early in the morning - their swollen, ooohhh not pretty.

quick story on that I think is funny...

around 11:40 I needed a VGA cable to hookup a panel room adjacent to main events for Romy and Takumy to do their PhotoShop Panel. So I needed Teri with her radio ^_^. I hear her and see her through the door in the airwall, by stage right. I think she is talking to Juan, so I take a quick sprint and jump through the door and land on stage. See normally this wouldnt be a big deal except that I forgot the time in my head and thought it was before opening ceremonies. Well turns out as I land on stage I realize that their is a full Audience!...O_O...and went "oh oh". Teri than says into the microphone, "There he is" and I say "ok bye bye" and jump off stage through the door. Teri and crowd cheer to bring me back in and as I peek in and start to jump back on stage a bunch of people push me through the door and I land on my shins...ouch...

Oh well, I figure if anyone has it on camera, it should make for a great story, Yes I know quite cheesy.

Well its time for lots of other things to take place, I have to finish the hotel for Miami. My crew and I have to finish a fan film we have been working on for the last 2 years. So I have to get the set design ready by christmas, since some of the VA's coming to Kunicon will be in the film with us - ROCKIN'!

I also have to start working on a bunch of AMV's that have been sitting on the side to finish. I also have to start the videos I am making for Piano Squall and some I am making for Select Start. Hopefully they will come out nicely.

We have the new - Always Hardcore video to make for Kunicon as well.

Man I hate waking up at night, after sleeping all day - so disorienting. Well, I am not the official spokesman for Yasumi, but I hope everyone enjoyed the Anime room, and the convention as well.

To next year. Hopefully no storms or hurricanes, but I don't think that will stop anyone anyway.
StormCon anyone!

» Post Denver Report
Hello folks,

Denver has come and gone, I had lots of fun running this event, I met a good amount of Denver folks and saw what they were like. and lots of cosplayers.

Our Denver event was planned to be small. Originally, we thought that with the good reviews of St. Louis and Atlanta that potentially Denver might be larger than budgeted.

In the end, we realized that we had to treat it like a First Year con. Most of us in Kunicon at one point always debated the topic whether or not, first year versus many cons would affect the attendance of one of the events from a first year city. In the end, we realized FYC is always going to be an FYC. every city is different. So we budgeted this city as such.

We essentially had:

293 pre-regstration
over 600 people at the gate (cant get exact since PC's are still being delivered from Denver to Miami)
75% of the at gate passes were day passes (Sunday was slowest day for day passes)
so we had just under 1000 attendees.
add vendors, celebs, staff and volunteers, and we totaled a little over 1000 people for this event.

Which is not bad for a first year.

I liked the hotel alot, they were courteous and polite and treated our attendees well, the only problem, although it was one floor for the most part, it did seem spread out - so the appearance of a small unattended con did somewhat occur.

This event boasted our fastest and smoothest setup time. We only had a few minor issues with vendor load ins. Vendors for the most part were able to setup at 10PM in the evening. a few of them were ready and setup early on. Mothers Anime and Anime Remix were nice and early on Thursday.

Gaming was lead by Adam Beaton from OhayoCon and they setup, very quickly. Main Events was 100% within 3-4 hours. so setup was not bad.

Since this was a smaller event, we figured to have less staff as security and use some volunteers to fill this gap. We would secure equipment with steel wiring locks. I know some people might have thought that some of the rooms were easy pickens, but if you look closely, the equipment was nice and locked down ^_^. I think the one Projector that was not locked down with the locks on the wire for other equipment was the Denver Anime Projector, since they had a person in there at all times. We figured it would be ok.

One of things we did before this event is overhauled the schedule. it was to much like Atlanta's in the sense that there was too much to do during every event. This would cause the attendance in a smallet event to break up into tiny pieces. So I tried to fix some of the schedule before hand. We also had some requests from the some of the guests on how to improve and fix the schedule. So we made the change. I think what we did not do which we should of was create inserts for the con schedule. What we did do, is post the schedule on room doors, and in the elevators (Pharrits idea on sunday) and give out updated schedules at the info booth. This worked out real well in general. But I think that some people still may have not known some of the changes, because we all know - We never read whats in front of us - I do it too...lol

Panels ran very well, so did the gameshows, and the meet and greets and autograph signings. I was pleased with how that dept. was running. We only had a few cancellations in that dept. and those cancellations were because there were no attendees present in those events. so no biggie.

There were no cancellations due to guests not appearing or us running late. The Ramen Noodle contest was 20 minutes in delay since the hotel (yet again) did not have the hot water needed present. We will have to figure out how to help the hotel in this aspect, since it has happened every time...but the contest ran once we got it and everyone was happy and stuffed.

Kuniwood squares was a blast. Literally a blast as Mike Sinterniklaas made his chair screetch into a horridly realistic farting sound. Laura bailey would pull his finger and out it came.

Anime Pictionary was great, the event was so much fun that after it ended we kept playing with the remaining items and the audience until we ran out.

The Music room was beyond amazing! Anime Remix held an awesome music program, from art, to the J-costume contest, to Karaoke! this was some of the best Karaoke we have ever had. There was this amazing Cosplay group doing Dir en Grey that was phenomenal.

Our Guest Welcoming was great, nice packed room - and we got to welcome all of our guests with the exception of Mike Sinterniklaas, since his flight was delayed T_T.

Our security in the event was similar to how security would run in a StarFest type of situation - Self Guarded, this meaning that each room was responsible for itself. exmaple, DAI in the Video room would check badges in there. the Panels dept had its own people to monitor the area for badges. Gaming would monitor their own badges. and so on.

the only places we focused security on was Main Events, and the Vendor room. the halls were ok for anyone that wanted to walk around. beside the womens golf tour, and Kool and the Gang were going to be starting to come in that weekend (hopefully some of you got to meet and say hello to those guys, I got to meet Morris Day, ROCKIN!), so we couldnt protect every spot. all in all, it worked out well, you have to love those kensington locks. They have extra accesories with industrial strentgh adhesive to attach to the steel wire (to lock additional equipment) while the lock itself can connect to laptops, computers and Projectors. I'm not sure if all projectors do that. But our BenQ's had them built in. So it was nice. it definitely helped with security measures. in the end we had no loss of inventory, with the exception of one Naruto 3 game from Gaming.

Main Events had only one change in its schedule which was switching Whose Line is it Anime with Piano Squalls Concert. So essentially the conbook schedule was fine with this dept. Main Events generally ran smooth, no real major problems. Just the usual, guest hasnt arrived, or last second prep for sound, minor setup change in seating or what not. but everything generally on time. Jason and Teri are an awesome pair so they almost never screw up. Add with that Mike and Alex on Sound and Lighting and Main Events had nice operation. So I'm happy with that.

We had 17 celebrities in Denver. All of which were great and fun people to have. I hope everyon had fun with them. We can always use suggestions from each citie who to have. as an example, Richard Epcar's Home town is Denver, You guys also have Jan Scott Frazier in your backyard.

Gaming as always ran pretty smooth, we had a couple of minor problems. The Hotel opened up the console room to early on Saturday, causing our guys to scramble to run the room. and the LAN center that was delivering 15 PC's for LAN gaming suffered massive technical problems. This happened in Atlanta but a replcement company was setup in time to setup for the beginning of the con. We had no other LAN shop to do this in time T_T. but in the end, Console and DDR gaming held a few extra tourneys in the wee hours of the night to make up. Colpar Hobbies, held demos and seminars on miniature gaming throughout the weekend, so that was great.

There are still a few details out of some of the events and panels we can change to make them better. One of the depts. we are working on to improve heavily is the vendor room. We identified from this event the vendors that will always bring Bootlegs and break the rules no matter what it says on the contract. So we will no who to make sure to work with, we have constantly learned from the last events we have held and I think we now have a great idea on how to run the vendor room and keep it successful every time.

Heres what I think, you guys can comment on them and such.

a square / rectangular vendors room should have the vendors up against the wall, this way any one that has large shelving or materials to hang wont affect your view of the whole room. Artist alley can then be maintained inside the room in an inner square / rectangle so now you have a large square / rectangular walkway that goes all around the Vendor room outer ring is vendors, inner are artists. and in the absolute center, a stage for performances. In the Miami event, most of the vendors loved the Japanese festival we put on inside the vendor room. Only a few didnt like the noise. I figure, keep the noise level tolerable, and we can put on events in there in between main, and generally keep lots of traffic in this room.

I will be working with vendors more closely, so the moment Kelvin and I setup another guest, boom there goes an email to the vendors we have with there body of work so they no what to sell. little things.

We now know that we have some interesting and unique events of our own:

Manga Story Time
Kuni Art Open Session
Voice Actor Idol

and so on. I think we now need to work on adding more of the basic things, like more video rooms. Mike and I were talking about it there other day, we use 5-6 rooms:

Mecha / Sci-Fi - Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig, Gundam, etc.
Shoujo - Rozen Maiden, Sailor Moon (more magical girl, but you get the picture)
Shonen - Action - Naruto, Samurai 7, Samurai Champloo, etc.
Japanese Live Action Series - GTO, Peach Girl, Monkey King, etc.
Japanese and Hong Kong Live Action Movies - Zaitochi, Casshern, Arahan, etc.
Anime Movies - Miyazaki, AppleSeed, Ninja Scroll, Akira, etc.

We will work with Waldenbooks, to setup a permanent Manga Library for us in the future as well as a stockpile of older Manga for us to hang on to so we can run the room 24 hours with the older stock for late night enjoyment when the con is winding down.

there is lots of work to do.

on a great note, our staff also packed up the event in record time (record time in comparison to our other tear downs) Gaming packed in less then 2 hours, O_O! Main Events was done by 1:30AM, Panels was packed just after closing ceremonies and so was the Video room equipment. all that was left was getting ready to load the truck in the morning.

I have to say the event was not that bad, we had a small size attendance, which was good for a first year con. we had a good decent con. there are those people out there that would want to tear us down, because we scare them. We are building a brand of events that has never been done before. I would like to say to those people, I have seen all kinds of disgruntle malcontents that just cant have fun with what they have. I have seen frustrated loser types that just dont know what to do when they have good people around them. I pity those people. They have the benefit of a beautiful anime world. Yet they choose not to live with it. I have been called names and insulted, I have been drug down in the muck - I have no idea why? *sticks out hands, and lifts shoulders* Hell, people have even broken into my AIM and my Livejournal to set me up for downfall. I am still here, and with a smile on my face. I love anime and its fans. I love my staff and the comraderie we have. We will continue to create and setup a great event. Thank you all for the wonderfully exhausting weekend. I miss you and I will work harder and harder to get better. If we made some mistakes here, let me know so we can improve.

Thanks Denver
Manny Camacho
Operations Director
» The unofficial Kunicon report
Hi there folks,

I wanted to post how well Kunicon Altanta went. We didnt have the full attendance we wanted at the con, but we had a great size for a first year con. I think the size of the hotel, again, dwarfed the actual attendance, We also had a very strong program across the board so it made deciding what to do difficult, lol.

I think we are getting closer to the set staff that we want with us for all of our events. We added Natalie Wood for Cosplay Direction.

We transitioned some older staff that have been with us since the beginning to more important roles. Robin, who has been trained in various depts. kicked total Ass in Gaming with Omar, who might not be with us because his job takes alot of his time...which would suck if he is not with us T_T.

Takumy who was a general staff member, rocked the house as asst. DDR coordinator. our head of DDR in Atlanta is more of LAN gamer, he and I are CPL and WCG competitors, but his organization ability had DDR running smooth, when we added Takumy in there to help him with the tourneys, she shined!

Nick Gulledge, one of our newest Gaming members pulled a miracle out of his butt when we lost our LAN gaming company, the company that was setting up our LAN gaming suffered the arrest of most of their staff, why- we have no idea...lol

Either way, Nick called up a buddy and 10 minutes later we had a full LAN gaming center come to setup PC's and bawls for the con. it was great...Nick's girlfriend Prentice was also a new staff member, I can not give enough praise to both of them for all their effort and help. I hope to have them at as many Kunicons as possible.

Main Events truly shined in Atlanta, St. Louis they had most of their quirks fixed, but in Atlanta, I barely ever had time to throw free stuff to the crowd because they were on point, on time and ready to go. The AMV Contest, I took upon myself to oversee and run directly. So I took it out of Main Events for Atlanta and Denver while we had a new staff member help with the event. Mike did a great job acquiring all the competitors, inviting studios to compete and getting the files ready for me and my crew to judge and encode to DVD. We took AWA's advice on multiple backups and I setup an extra room with equipment symmetrical to the first room.

Here is what I did.
one prgressive Scan DVD player with a powerful sound system to play the ceremony DVD
a PC backup of the viewing already connected to the projector on another input.

a second room identical to the above also ready to go.

We tested the viewing at least 7 times on all the DVD players and equipment. I even brought my own PC's which I custom built myself for AMV's and Real time editing to use incase we needed it. I remember mike saying that's a bit much dont you think? we laughed and I mentioned something along the line, we can not play in Altanta.

with the contest ready to go, all the glitches out of the way. we were ready for the ceremony. while people were sitting in the room getting ready for the viewing, the DVD was almost done testing in the backup room.

here is where I point out how the gods love to mess with me. I got up and welcomed everyone, and started the ceremony. the first video started to glitch...O_O AAHHHHHHCK!

I didnt even think about it twice, I ran up to the front, and said "I think the gods hate me" which made everyone laugh for a moment. I didnt even bother to swicth input and start the PC, I said "lets go next door everyone, we will start the show on the other system.

and sure enough, the DVD ran 100% in the room next door.

so a 2-5 minute delay, but everything ran essentially smooth.

We had overall 5 cosplay contests:

Bikini Contest
Cosplay Contest
J-Rock/Pop Contest
Costume Contest

Natalie did a huge job with all of these. the only contest we had a minor problem in was the bikini contest. for whatever reason, the hotel has an awkward entrance to the pool. you have to exit the elevator on the 9th floor walk to the closed door, use your room key to open the door and take the elevator inside to the 11th floor...O_O. either that or take the 9th floor escalator to the 10th floor, go through the fitness center and then take the elevator in there to the 11th floor.

at the beginning of the contest there were not a lot of people in there and the concensus between natalie and myself, lets move this to tomorrow night and post more signs on how to get up here.

animannequins was an experimental contest, we were not sure how people would take it, or if the rules were a bit confusing. either way it worked out really well. the cosplayers in participating were great, they were photographed heavily and some wanted more...lol

we even got Paul Royal and Richard Hoelscher (former AWA directors) to help out with the judging instead of using some of our staff. Natalie got them to speak and comment on the participants costumes and poses. it was great.

the cosplay contest was great, we had a small amount of sign ups initially so we were not sure about the contest. Natalie asked me if she can talk to cosplayers throughout the event to inform them to compete. I thought it would be great...I guess since it was her first time, she was not sure about her place in our little family. I let her know, when it comes to cosplay, she is the big cheese, that unless her decision involved money or changing the schedule, she pretty much could do it ^^.

she smiled and boom...she went...she got i think something like 20 more groups for cosplay!!!!
the chick is a pocket cosplay phenomenon!

the J-rock cosplay contest was also great. I did not get a chance to see that, so I cant comment to much on it, but Sarah and Natalie said it worked out real well.

the Costume contest was also very nicely attended and participated in. all the costumes were great and the participants I thought had lots of fun. I made friends with lots of them. the group that played Kill Bill, Minmei, and the many others were really nice. I saw them at many of the events I was overseeing or MC'ing.

I love meeting all these people and making them happy. gives me a great feeling, its kind of selfish - I do it, becuase it makes me feel good...like a drug I'tis...

the various events we had were excellent, Celebrity whose line is it anime was great. Anime Pictionary, I think I came up with really difficult items for some of our guests to draw. Tiffany Grant I think wanted to kill me when I gave her "Hello Kitty in the Rain" T_T, Gomen.

apparently Teri has a photo of me helping Piano Squall with his drawing that looks like I'm making out with him...lol


Voice Actor Idol was also fun, I think I will be adding some surprise criteria to liven it up. A script, some other items, and limit the amount of judges. but we will see.

Kuniwood Squares - now that was hilarious, I ask all those that remember this event, to remember I was on my 80 hour without sleep ^_^. Uncle Richard (Richard Epcar) loves heckling me at events, so when I said Muhcross instead of MACKcross. the scottish MCCrosssssss was born. then the whole panel of celebs joined in. along with the OOOOhh OOOOHhhhh....OOOOOHhhhh everytime the "O" team was up. it was quite fun and I made a couple of mistakes on the agree telling truth lying disagreeing aspect...huh...

Kunicon Live was originally a wild concert ride at the end of the event. but we thought we needed more time to plan that better. Jason and I thought of using the photos from the event in a slideshow to help with the nostalgia of what was being left behind. It worked out real well. I will admit when my photo came up and people cheered and roared, I did feel special T_^ and a little tear almost came out. Shhhhh...dont tell anyone...lol

there were so many events that went on in Atlanta that it is hard to remember them all. I just think that we are almost where we want to be as far as running an event goes. I do think that in the future if most of the events can be contained to a single floor we should keep it that way. and I realize that perhaps for a first year event, our programming was a bit to strong. I have lots of good suggestions to make the event better, like instead of scheduling all the celebs on their own for meet and greets it would be better to place 2-3 of them together to one help the schedule and 2 make it more interesting since most of them can play of the other.

Wow, this is getting very long. So I will call it quits for now. Denver is a week away. I hope to see you guys there. I know originally some people were against the thought of running multiple events in a year, and we were crazy at first to think 25 in our first year. But I am proud to say that we have, or will have accomplished our 4th event in less then 6 months. that is still a feat in and of itself.

There are 3 more cities We are working on, and Miami's info (rather Ft. Lauderdales ^_^) will be coming soon.

Keep your eyes open and make sure to say hi on our forums.


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